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Nitrogen Generation

TFG Group Ltd’s on-site nitrogen generation specialists can help customers to save up to 90% of the cost of bought-in gas, which is necessary for a wide-range of processing applications.

We self-deliver a range of services, including nitrogen generation equipment specification, sales and commissioning together with tailored maintenance and lifecycle cost analysis, to help you to achieve the highest performance from your installation.

Working with leading manufacturers’ products, such as the Gardner Denver CompAir brand, we can convert your compressed air from a standard industrial compressor into guaranteed-purity nitrogen – directly on-site. This equates to significant savings when compared to the cost of purchasing and storing nitrogen in either gas or liquid form.


  • Guaranteed-purity, high-quality nitrogen generation to eliminate any concerns over process contamination
  • Bespoke support packages, ranging from a one-off emergency repair to complete preventative maintenance contracts
  • Supply of genuine manufacturers’ spare parts
  • Personal consultation from our team of engineers on the specification, installation and ongoing support of your nitrogen generation installation
  • Space-saving, modular designs are easy-to-install, meaning there are no expensive civil engineering works required
  • Easy integration with existing compressor installations to minimise capital expenditure.

Call 0800 077 8863 to find out how we help you generate additional revenue from your compressor installation with our nitrogen generation services. Click on the map to locate your nearest TFG Group Ltd nitrogen generation specialist:

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